The Villas at Coventry apartments are located in the center of a wonderful school district in Yorktown Va.

Below are schools that are located near Coventry Villas


Coventry Elementary

This school is located right across the street from Coventry Villas.
Coventry Elementary School is located in York County, Virginia. We educate students in Pre-K through 5th grade and enjoy strong parental and community support.

Excellent School Digger Rating


Grafton Middle School

Grafton Middle School, a committed, cooperative community of educators, parents, support staff, and students that strives to support the learning needs of children and to prepare them for the future.

Excellent School Digger Rating


Grafton High School

The mission of Grafton High School is to maximize the educational opportunities for all students in a safe and secure climate and to create a community of learners that fosters academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, mutual respect and tolerance, physical development, and cultural awareness in an integrated, active learning environment.

Excellent School Digger Rating