Extend Center

York County School Division The mission of the York County School Division Gifted Program is to maximize the development of the academically gifted learner by providing an atmosphere that promotes intellectual challenge. The program is designed to … [Read more]

Yorktown Elementary

Home of the Falcons At Yorktown Elementary Math, Science, and Technology Magnet School, we all strive with energy and enthusiasm to become lifelong learners. The staff accepts the ongoing challenge of educating the whole child by using … [Read more]

Waller Mill Elementary School

Home of the Shining Stars The mission of Waller Mill Elementary School Fine Arts Magnet is to educate each child to become a productive, compassionate, and responsible citizen by integrating the arts into a positive school experience focused on … [Read more]

Tabb Elementary School

Home of the Tigers We dedicate ourselves to the challenge of creating a community of learners who value and participate in lifelong learning experiences that will enable success in a global society. Cheryl Parr, … [Read more]

Seaford Elementary School

Home of the Bulldogs The mission of Seaford Elementary is to provide a safe learning environment that will enable and encourage students to become a community of learners. We are committed to encourage academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, … [Read more]

Mt. Vernon Elementary School

Home of the Mustangs It is the mission of Mt. Vernon Elementary School to ensure a quality education for every student by integrating educationally sound methods throughout the school with a unified staff dedicated to that purpose. Mary Lugo, … [Read more]

Magruder Elementary School

Home of the Panther Cubs Magruder Elementary School is a place where children and adults are viewed as continually developing. We believe that oral language underlies all literacy learning, and that children learn by constructing meaning. Children … [Read more]

Grafton Bethel Elementary School

Home of the Grizzlies The mission of Grafton Bethel Elementary is a combined effort of community, parents, staff, and students to promote and maximize student potential for success in the 21st century.  -Lisa Ruffieux, … [Read more]

Dare Elementary

Home of the Dolphins We are dedicated to instilling in children a lifelong love for learning. Our mission is to prepare each child to meet successfully life's daily challenges. -Lindsey W. Caccavale, … [Read more]

Coventry Elementary

Home of the Cougars Our vision is to cultivate each child’s potential and foster learning that prepares our students to be well rounded, productive citizens who see value in themselves and others and who positively impact their community and w … [Read more]