School of the Arts


The York County School of the Arts (SOA) is a program in the fine arts, providing students with an education comparable to the math and science opportunities offered by the Governor’s School for Science and Technology. Programs at SOA emphasize: Academic growth and artistic development The multidisciplinary nature of the arts Standards that distinguish the […]

York River Academy


Home of the Phoenix York River Academy is designed to provide selected students in grades 9 through 12 with an innovative academic and career-preparatory education in core subject areas with emphasis on computer technology and web design.  Walter Cross, principal Source: Reviews: Address: 11201 George Washington Memorial Hwy Yorktown, VA 23692

York High School


Home of the Falcons The mission of York High School is to provide each student the opportunity to fulfill learning potential and to reinforce values of personal responsibility and accountability. Dr. Shannon Butler, principal Source: Reviews: Address: 9300 George Washington Memorial Hwy Yorktown, VA 23692

Tabb High School


Home of the Tigers Tabb High School is dedicated to developing life-long learners prepared to achieve individually determined goals. Recognizing the high expectations of the school and community, we provide diverse learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom. Our graduates are well-rounded, self-disciplined individuals prepared to be contributing members of a multicultural society.  Angela Seiders, […]

Grafton High School


Home of the Clippers The mission of Grafton High School is to maximize the educational opportunities for all students in a safe and secure climate and to create a community of learners that fosters academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, mutual respect and tolerance, physical development, and cultural awareness in an integrated, active learning environment.  Royce Hart, […]

Bruton High School


Home of the Panthers Bruton High School seeks to provide a secure environment where students can develop the skills necessary to become knowledgeable, responsible and engaged citizens. Arletha Dockery, principal Source: Reviews: Address: 185 East Rochambeau Drive Williamsburg, VA 23188

Yorktown Middle School


Home of the Falcons We believe that all learners need to be rigorously challenged and empowered with basic and critical thinking skills. We are a committed, cooperative community who strive to support the diverse needs of children. We seek to provide a school climate in which students develop respect for the rights of others as […]

Tabb Middle School


Home of the Tigers The mission of Tabb Middle School is to meet the diverse needs of students by providing opportunities for their academic, physical, emotional and social growth during this unique stage of development. We strive to provide an environment that will increase the ability and desire of all students and staff to continue […]

Queens Lake Middle School


Home of the Panthers Queens Lake Middle School is committed to providing a secure, supportive, and positive learning environment in which we expect all students to excel academically and to explore and develop their individual strengths, abilities, and talents.  We seek to provide a school climate in which students develop respect for the rights of […]

Grafton Middle School


Home of the Clippers Grafton Middle School, a committed, cooperative community of educators, parents, support staff, and students that strives to support the learning needs of children and to prepare them for the future. Paul A. Rice, principal Source: Reviews: Address: 405 Grafton Drive Yorktown, VA 23692